Not the loud or the boisterous, but the quiet and the gentle. The light whisper, the soft hand on the shoulder. The little tug on ones heart strings. The still small voice. Words light to the ear yet profoundly touching. It is surprising what little one really needs, to move a heart, to touch a soul.

micro thoughts

“When you were born, the internal eternal you was so far greater than anything you could possibly achieve over a lifetime of toiling to become. Realize and understand who you are, then naturally and in genuine authenticity live out your true nature.”

“Remember, we are so far more than we think we are. From this immovable position we are free to think beyond what we have always thought. And in thinking beyond, we have a chance to believe. And in believing, we have a chance to become what we have always been.”

“Today we awake to a new day, a new beginning, fresh, clean, bright, illuminated, transcendental. To an expanded mindset, a universe of possibility, the far reaches of ones imagination.”

“If you help another down a path, will you not arrive there yourself?”

“Disappointment opens our eyes to new possibilities, things we had never thought of before.”

“Disappointment gives us the freedom to reevaluate life and what could be in store, presenting us with new opportunities.”

“Strength, although perceived to be very little in times of suffering, is mighty. Who is it who can plunge into the depths of the human experience and holding onto the smallest bit of hope, rise out to such great heights, to the height of strength and understanding, of power and boldness.”

“Change will come when your vision overshadows the force which keeps you from moving forward. When it is greater than your momentary desires, you will change. You have spent your life acting on your desires, make your vision your passion, and you will act on it.”

“We are not bound by our thoughts or our misconceptions. The tide of our experiences. The ebb and flow of our subconscious. The sea of change that tosses us to and fro. Nor the wind of our influences which have no clear direction. We are free to move forward unshackled and unhindered.”

“I am thankful for the things that bring a little smile to my face. That lighten my spirit. That bring a little healing. That for a moment clears my mind. That brings some light to my eyes. That gives me a little hope. Things that make me breathe deeply. Things that release a little tension and brighten my day. Things that make me shed a tear of hope during the rough times. The things that stop me in my tracks and make me ponder life and the things which are truly important.”

“Do not be desperate in your attempt to self-rectify your humanity. We all grow in our own way, in our own time, at our own pace. Do not tear yourself down, or beat yourself up for being human. It is freeing to accept oneself for who one is, where we are, right here, right now, in this moment.”